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KC Jean is a creative art company founded by a mother-daughter duo. Kelly and Cj began drawing and painting and turning their artwork into stickers. These stickers are being sold to raise money for non-profit organizations during COVID-19.

Our Story

COVID-19 Stickers & Magnets for sale – Giving back through ART! Created by an 11 year old girl and her mom in Maine!

#CreativeHomeSchooling ~ $3.00 per sticker or magnet.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the below non-profit organizations:

1. Cumberland County Children’s Advocacy Center (CCCAC)
2. The Trauma Intervention Program (TIP)
3. Make A Wish Foundation (Cj’s #1 Pick)
4. Best Buddies International / Maine

Additional Proceeds will also go directly to families in need of basic essentials during Covid-19.

It was right before Valentine’s Day of 2020 and Cj asked me to paint the Shawnee Peak ski mountain “LOV” photograph that she adores. She actually told me that I needed to paint it on her Valentine’s Day box for school. For those of you that don’t know Cj, she doesn’t take NO for an answer LOL

Cj’s reaction was priceless, “Mom I had no idea you were so good!” HAHAHA Cj was thoroughly impressed and she was so excited to take it to school. She also signed “Cj 2020” in black paint right above the tree lines, when I wasn’t looking:) She said mom, “We did this together!” I couldn’t help but smile and I couldn’t have agreed more because if she had never asked me to help her I may not have found this new love for art again!

Over the next 3 weeks Cj and I began drawing and creating new stickers that we felt were going to make a difference during COVID-19. I searched for a sticker company and went with stickeryou.com based on the customer reviews.

Within a few days of placing our order, I received an email from the Vice President, Michael Ishak. Michael said,
“Our marketing team would love to schedule an interview with you to find out what the stickers are being used for and what the story is behind the artwork. We would feature the interview in our blog section of the website, as well as feature the art on our social media channels. We love a feel good story! :)”

Stay Home and Stay Healthy,
With all our love,
Cj & KJ – Maine

Buy Sticker

USA Magnet – $4.00
USA Sticker – $3.00
Maine sticker – $3.00
Love sticker – $3.00
Lobster sticker – $3.00


Stickers designed from our artwork to #SpreadLOVENotCovid-19, Wash your hands, Stay Home.

Stay At Home

Spread Love

Wash Your Hands

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